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Consistency and discrepancy in the atmospheric response to Arctic sea-ice loss across climate models
The decline of Arctic sea ice is an integral part of anthropogenic climate change. Sea-ice loss is already having a significant impact on Arctic communities and ecosystems. Its role as a cause ofExpand
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Respective roles of direct GHG radiative forcing and induced Arctic sea ice loss on the Northern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation
The large-scale and synoptic-scale Northern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation responses to projected late twenty-first century Arctic sea ice decline induced by increasing Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)Expand
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Respective impacts of Arctic sea ice decline and increasing greenhouse gases concentration on Sahel precipitation
The impact of climate change on Sahel precipitation is uncertain and has to be widely documented. Recently, it has been shown that Arctic sea ice loss leverages the global warming effects worldwide,Expand
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Robustness and drivers of the Northern Hemisphere extratropical atmospheric circulation response to a CO $$_2$$2 -induced warming in CNRM-CM6-1
Understanding the mid-latitude atmospheric circulation response to CO$$_2$$ forcing is challenging and complex due to the strong internal variability and the multiple potential CO$$_2$$-inducedExpand
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