Thomas Olsvik Opsahl

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This paper deals with fast and accurate visualization of pushbroom image data from airborne and spaceborne platforms. A pushbroom sensor acquires images in a line-scanning fashion, and this results in scattered input data that need to be resampled onto a uniform grid for geometrically correct visualization. To this end, we model the anisotropic spatial(More)
A multispectral camera concept is presented. The concept is based on using a patterned filter in the focal plane, combined with scanning of the field of view. The filter layout has stripes of different bandpass filters extending orthogonally to the scan direction. The pattern of filter stripes is such that all bands are sampled multiple times, while(More)
Hyperspectral imaging exploits the information contained in the spectrum of light, and has many applications. Systems require specialized cameras and application-specific image processing. As an example, we describe an airborne system with real-time image processing.
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