Thomas Oeckinghaus

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We present a scanning-probe microscope based on an atomic-size emitter, a single nitrogen-vacancy center in a nanodiamond. We employ this tool to quantitatively map the near-field coupling between the NV center and a flake of graphene in three dimensions with nanoscale resolution. Further we demonstrate universal energy transfer distance scaling between a(More)
Magnetic sensing and imaging instruments are important tools in biological and material sciences. There is an increasing demand for attaining higher sensitivity and spatial resolution, with implementations using a single qubit offering potential improvements in both directions. In this article we describe a scanning magnetometer based on the(More)
We demonstrate that a recently introduced family of direct-emitting green laser diodes is a simple yet efficient light source for excitation of NV centers in diamond. Thanks to their fast (sub-ns) response time, these sources are suitable for a broad variety of measurements, including pulsed optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) and fluorescence(More)
Scalable quantum technologies require an unprecedented combination of precision and complexity for designing stable structures of well-controllable quantum systems on the nanoscale. It is a challenging task to find a suitable elementary building block, of which a quantum network can be comprised in a scalable way. We present the working principle of such a(More)
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