Thomas O'rourke

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OBJECTIVE To identify risk factors associated with cancer-specific survival and develop a predictive model for patients undergoing primary hepatic resection for metastatic colorectal cancer. BACKGROUND No published studies investigated collectively the inter-relation of factors related to patient cancer-specific survival after hepatectomy for metastatic(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis cases in foreign-born persons account for more than 50% of all tuberculosis cases in the United States. The Institute of Medicine has recommended enhancing overseas screening as one measure to support tuberculosis elimination efforts. We assessed the ability of overseas tuberculosis screening (chest radiograph followed by 3 acid-fast(More)
We investigated the prevalence and predictors of positive tuberculin skin test (TST) results among prospective Vietnamese migrants. We interviewed and medically screened 1395 Vietnamese people aged over 15 years who had applied to migrate to Australia. Approximately 44% of applicants had an induration of 10 mm or more, and 18.6% had an induration of 15 mm(More)
We aimed to test the psychometric properties of a culturally relevant translation of the medical outcomes study short form-36 health survey (SF-36) with prospective Vietnamese migrants. The translated survey was interviewer-administered to 1610 Vietnamese aged over 15 years who had applied to migrate to Australia. All but two SF-36 items had good(More)
Cord blood leukocytes from neonates with maternal dengue antibody supported dengue 2 virus replication in vitro; those from neonates without maternal antibody did not. Cord bloods of infants born to dengue-immune mothers contained a potent enhancing factor which gradually decayed with age and which was absent from neonates born to nonimmune mothers.(More)
From June - August, 1984, 24 American military personnel were hospitalized with dengue (DEN) at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. Their infections were confirmed by serology using the hemagglutination-inhibition test and/or by virus isolation in Aedes pseudoscutellaris cell cultures. Most of the patients had a secondary type of antibody response probably(More)
SETTING Pre-migration medical screening programmes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. OBJECTIVE To compare the rates of newly diagnosed bacteriologically confirmed tuberculosis (TB) in a cohort of migration applicants in Vietnam and Cambodia with current estimates of the TB burden in these countries. DESIGN Interviews and medical(More)
We conducted a cross-sectional survey of 1669 prospective Vietnamese migrants who had applied to migrate to Australia to describe the association between self-reported health status and several commonly used clinical indicators of health among prospective Vietnamese migrants. Participants were recruited from the International Organization for Migration's(More)
This study aimed to describe the Internal Organization for Migration (IOM) tuberculosis screening and treatment program in Ho-Chi-Minh City (Vietnam); and to review the prevalence of tuberculosis and treatment outcome in a cohort of Vietnamese migrants and refugees prior to their departure. From 1 November 1992 to 1 June 1993, prospective migrants and(More)