Thomas O'Neill

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Trait neuroticism is suggested to be related to measures of volume and function of the hippocampus, a brain structure located in the medial temporal lobe that is critical for human navigation and orientation. In this study, we assessed whether measures of trait neuroticism and self-concept are correlated with the human ability to orient by means of(More)
Distributed server systems allow many configuration settings and support various application workloads. Often performance anomalies, situations where actual performance falls below expectations, only manifest under particular runtime conditions. This paper presents a new approach to examine a large space of potential runtime conditions and to(More)
This study examined item calibration stability in relation to response time and the levels of item difficulty between different response time groups on a sample of 389 examinees responding to six different subtest items of the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT). The results indicated that no Differential Item Functioning (DIF) was found and a significant(More)
THEORY When test developers have a limited number of test questions available or when the equating design requires some item overlap across forms, psychometricians worry that examinees who encounter previously seen questions on subsequent test forms may be able to inflate their test score due to their familiarity with the repeated test questions. (More)
The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) believes that it is important to have evidence to show that the pass/fail decisions related to its examinations are based on accurate determination of the minimum knowledge necessary to be a board-certified family physician and, furthermore, that these decisions are unbiased against any particular subset of the(More)
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