Thomas Neumann

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BACKGROUND Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) is defined as recurrent AF terminating spontaneously within 7 days. This definition allows the consideration of any AF occurrence lasting < 7 days as paroxysmal, irrespective of the frequency and duration of episodes. The aim of this study was to investigate symptomatic AF burden (AFB) defined as total(More)
  • Der Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Fakultät, Ing Marcus Magnor, Referent, Peter Hall, Iii Zusammenfassung, Ing +4 others
  • 2015
High-quality dense spatial and/or temporal reconstructions and correspondence maps from camera images, be it optical flow, stereo or scene flow, are an essential prerequisite for a multitude of computer vision and graphics tasks, e.g. scene editing or view interpolation in visual media production. Due to the ill-posed nature of the estimation problem in(More)
15 16 0 max min Figure 1: Comparison of different types of eigenfunctions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator of the input mesh (leftmost). Top Row: the manifold harmonics have global support. Bottom Row: the proposed compressed manifold modes (CMMs) have local support and are confined to specific local features like protrusions and ridges. Here, 8 of the CMMs(More)
Figure 1: Sparsity of our proposed deformation components. Each vertex is colored according to the number of components where it's displacement is non-zero. Compared to the fixed sparsity of previous decomposition methods such as [Kavan et al. 2010], our approach automatically finds a suitable sparsity level. Regions showing complex deformations, like the(More)
  • Carl-Friedrich-Gauß Fakultät, Ing Marcus, Magnor Koreferent, Ing, Jan Kautz, R Z Fa +19 others
  • 2013
A B S T R A C T Creating photo-realistic images has been one of the major goals in computer graphics since its early days. Instead of modeling the complexity of nature with standard modeling tools, image-based approaches aim at exploiting real-world footage directly, as they are photo-realistic by definition. A drawback of these approaches has always been(More)
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