Thomas Neuberger

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is an inflammatory demyelinating disorder of the CNS and an animal model of multiple sclerosis. We used high-field MR microscopy at 17.6 T to image spinal cord inflammatory lesions in the acute stage of chronic relapsing rat EAE. We sought to compare lesions detected on MR imaging with(More)
Although they are less severe than a full blown concussive episodes, subconcussive impacts happen much more frequently and current research has suggested this form of head trauma may have an accumulative effect and lead to neurological impairment later in life. To investigate the acute effects that subconcussive head trauma may have on the default mode(More)
After clinical resolution of signs and symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) it is still not clear if there are residual abnormalities of structural or functional brain networks. We have previously documented disrupted interhemispheric functional connectivity in 'asymptomatic' concussed individuals during the sub-acute phase of injury. Testing of(More)
The architecture of the muscle fascicles, here meaning their lengths and their arrangement relative to one another, has important implications for the force a muscle can produce. Therefore, quantifying this architectural arrangement and understanding the implications of the architecture are important for understanding muscle function in vivo. There were two(More)
The medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) plays a critical role in multiple cognitive and limbic functions. Given its vital importance, investigating the function of individual mPFC circuits in animal models has provided critical insight into the neural basis underlying different behaviors and psychiatric conditions. However, our knowledge regarding the mPFC(More)
Low field NMR has been successfully used for the evaluation of seed composition and quality, but largely only in crop species. We show here that 1.5T NMR provides a reliable means for analysing the seed lipid fraction present in a wide range of species, where both the seed size and lipid concentration differed by >10 fold. Little use of high field NMR has(More)
In high-field NMR microscopy rapid single-shot imaging methods, for example, echo planar imaging, cannot be used for determination of the apparent diffusion tensor (ADT) due to large magnetic susceptibility effects. We propose a pulse sequence in which a diffusion-weighted spin-echo is followed by multiple gradient-echoes with additional diffusion(More)
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