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The Case for Academic Integrity in Physical Therapist Education
Background and Purpose. Cheating has become more prevalent in the last several years at all levels of the education system in the United States. Cheating in professional programs and on professionalExpand
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Educational Program Characteristics and Pass Rates on the National Physical Therapy Examination
Background and Purpose. There has been a recent move to identify benchmarking criteria for indicators of quality in an educational program. One measure of program quality is performance on theExpand
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Introducing a new parameter for quality control of proteome profiles: Consideration of commonly expressed proteins
Interpretation of proteome profiling experiments largely relies on comparative analyses. False‐positive identifications may cause fatal misinterpretation of data. On the other hand, proteome analysisExpand
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Loss of CUL4A expression is underlying cisplatin hypersensitivity in colorectal carcinoma cells with acquired trabectedin resistance
Background:Colorectal carcinoma (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide. Platinum-based anticancer compounds still constitute one mainstay of systemic CRC treatment despite limitations due toExpand
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Testing Accommodations: Implications for Physical Therapy Educators and Students
Background and Purpose. Academic programs in physical therapy prepare students to assume clinical roles, assuming these roles require the students to take the National Physical Therapy ExaminationExpand
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Procalcitonin: Nice to Know, Need to know, or Needs Further Research?
Sepsis remains a major cause of death in critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) [1]–[2]. Infections increase the all-cause mortality during ICU admission from 12.1% inExpand
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TB case detection in Tajikistan - analysis of existing obstacles
Background Tajikistan National TB Control Program Objective (1) To identify the main obstacles to increasing TB Detection in Tajikistan. (2) To identify interventions that improve TB detection.Expand
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Guardian of the Treaty: The Privy Council Appeal and Irish Sovereignty
  • Thomas Mohr
  • Political Science
  • The Cambridge Law Journal
  • 24 May 2016
In this impressive and thoughtful book, Mohr charts the role that the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council played in the Irish Free State from 1922 until the abolition of the Irish Privy CouncilExpand
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