Thomas Michael Lavender

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Strains of insect-pathogenic fungi with high virulence toward certain pest insects have great potential for commercial biological control applications. Identifying such strains has been a central theme in using fungi for biological control. This theme is supported by a persistent paradigm in insect pathology which suggests that the host insect is the(More)
Revealing the diagnosis of cancer to patients is a key event in their cancer journey. At present, there are no minimal legal recommendations for documenting such consultations. We reviewed the Hospital records of 359 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer in the Mersey Area between 1992 and 1994. We identified the following factors: age, hospital,(More)
Null models exploring species co-occurrence and trait-based limiting similarity are increasingly used to explore the influence of competition on community assembly; however, assessments of common models have not thoroughly explored the influence of variation in matrix size on error rates, in spite of the fact that studies have explored community matrices(More)
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