Thomas Meissnitzer

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Catumaxomab, the first anti-EpCAM antibody, was approved in 2009 for the treatment of malignant ascites in cancer patients with EpCAM positive tumors. We consider this case of interest as treatment with catumaxomab not only prolonged the puncture-free interval but also showed a systemic effect in a patient with metastasized colorectal cancer by regression(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively evaluate whether prone CT scanning is superior to supine scanning for correct localization of distal urinary calculi in patients with acute flank pain. METHODS Consecutively performed unenhanced CT scans in patients with acute flank pain were retrospectively analyzed in 150 patients in supine and another 150 patients in prone(More)
As ovarian masses are common in both pre-and in postmenopausal age, a life time risk of up to 5-10% to undergo pelvic surgery has been reported [1]. However, the likelihood of malignancy in these lesions is extremely low. Imaging, particularly, US and MRI, have been integrated as diagnostic tools to better define indications for adequate surgery and to(More)
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