Thomas Martini

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Introduction. (11)C-choline-PET/CT is a promising technique for detection/restaging of patients with biochemical failure (BF) after curative therapy for prostate cancer (PCA). The aim of this paper was to evaluate the PSA response in patients with BF after radical prostatectomy (RP) who underwent secondary lymphadenectomy (LAD) due to (11)C-choline-PET/CT(More)
Purpose. To validate microarray data on cytokeratin 13 (KRT13) and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL1RN) expression in urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder (UCB) and to correlate our findings with pathologic characteristics and tobacco smoking. Methods. UCB tissue samples (n = 109) and control samples (n = 14) were obtained from transurethral(More)
Preface Biophotonics can be defined as the study of the interaction of light with biological material. With the recent advances in biomedical science, our understanding of the mechanisms of human health and disease has extended into the regime of cellular and molecular structure and function. The ability to image, analyze, and manipulate living tissue at(More)
Perivascular epithelioid cell neoplasms (PEComa) are rare mesenchymal tumors that can occur in any part of the body and have unpredictable pathological behavior. They are usually benign, but may be malignant. We present a case of malignant PEComa of the pelvic retroperitoneum treated with radical surgery.
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