Thomas Manville

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High speed and low power routers form the basic building blocks of on-die interconnect fabrics that are critical to overall throughput and energy efficiency of high performance systems [1,2]. Conventional routers use distinct logic blocks for routing data and handling arbitration [3,4]. At higher radices, connections between these blocks become a(More)
Current mobile devices are unable to execute complex vision applications in a timely and power efficient manner without offloading some of the computation. This paper examines the tradeoffs that arise from executing some of the workload onboard and some remotely. Feature extraction and matching play an essential role in image classification and have the(More)
With multi-core processors now mainstream, the shift to many-core processors poses a new set of design challenges. In particular, the scalability of coherence protocols remains a significant challenge. While complex Network-on-Chip interconnect fabrics have been proposed and in some cases implemented, most of industry has slowly evolved existing coherence(More)
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