Thomas Maeder

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To improve the ligament balancing procedure during total knee arthroplasty a force-sensing device to intraoperatively measure knee joint forces and moments has been developed. It consists of two sensitive plates, one for each condyle, a tibial base plate and a set of spaces to adapt the device thickness to the patient-specific tibiofemoral gap. Each(More)
Ligament balancing in total knee arthroplasty may have an important influence on joint stability and prosthesis lifetime. In order to provide quantitative information and assistance during ligament balancing, a device that intraoperatively measures knee joint forces and moments was developed. Its performance and surgical advantages were evaluated on six(More)
We have developed a robotic interface to train hand and finger function. HandCARE is a Cable-Actuated REhabilitation system, in which each finger is attached to an instrumented cable loop allowing force control and a predominantly linear displacement. The device, whose designed is based on biomechanical measurements, can assist the subject in opening and(More)
This paper reviews recent developments in integrated fluidic mesosystems, based on low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology, in this laboratory and elsewhere. LTCC is shown to be an advantageous technique for integrated fluidic systems, due to its simplicity, low cost and ease of integration with other technologies and components (silicon,(More)
The cerebral metabolism of enantiomers of 5-fluoro-DOPA (5F-DOPA) and 6-fluoro-DOPA (6F-DOPA) was characterized in organotypic cell cultures of fetal rat brain. This system permits the investigation of metabolic processes in brain tissue exclusively, without the effects of peripheral metabolism and transport. Metabolic profiles for each substrate were(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe the pharmacological properties of a novel spermine-cholesterol adduct, MSI 1436 (3beta-N-1(spermine)-7alpha, 24R-dihydroxy-5alpha-cholestane 24-sulfate), which causes reversible suppression of food and fluid intake in mammals resulting in profound weight loss, not associated with other signs or symptoms of illness, and which exhibits(More)
We present a multisensor designed for industrial compressed air diagnostics and combining the measurement of pressure, flow, and temperature, integrated with the corresponding signal conditioning electronics in a single low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) package. The developed sensor may be soldered onto an integrated electro-fluidic platform by using(More)
The stabilities of Pt/Ti bilayer metallizations in an oxidizing atmosphere have been investigated with several thicknesses of interfacial Ti-bonding layers. Reactions in the Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si interface were examined as a function of various annealing conditions in the temperature range 200-800°C by using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, Auger electron(More)
An innovative method for fabricating the reference cell for a Rubidium (Rb) integrated atomic clock is presented. This method uses low-temperature solder sealing technique for producing mini-cells of the size of 14 x 10 x 3 mm, suitable for Rb miniature atomic clocks. Top and bottom of the cell consists of two glass slides. An LTCC (Low-Temperature Cofired(More)