Thomas Mach

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A stable algorithm to compute the roots of polynomials is presented. The roots are found by computing the eigenvalues of the associated companion matrix by Francis's implicitly-shifted QR algorithm. A companion matrix is an upper Hessenberg matrix that is unitary-plus-rank-one, that is, it is the sum of a unitary matrix and a rank-one matrix. These(More)
In this paper we discuss the deflation criterion used in the extended QR algorithm based on the chasing of rotations. We provide absolute and relative perturbation bounds for this deflation criterion. Further, we present a generalization of aggressive early deflation to the extended QR algorithms. Aggressive early deflation is the key technique for the(More)
The preconditioned inverse iteration [Ney01a] is an efficient method to compute the smallest eigenpair of a symmetric positive definite matrix M. Here we use this method to find the smallest eigenvalues of a hierarchical matrix [Hac99]. The storage complexity of the data-sparse H-matrices is almost linear. We use H-arithmetic to precondition with an(More)
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