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In management theory and business practice, the dealing with diversity, especially a diverse workforce, has played a prominent role in recent years. In a globalizing economy companies recognized potential benefits of a multicultural workforce and tried to create more inclusive work environments. However, ‘‘many organizations have been disappointed with the(More)
Objective: To identify benchmark neurophysiological measures that predict performance at a teaming level. Advanced Brain Monitoring has a track record of success in identifying neurophysiological metrics that impact expert behavior. For example, we characterized negative and positive predictors for marksmanship skill; persons with higher HF:LF Norm metrics(More)
The goal of this study was to explore the feasibility of continuous neurophysiological assessment of different psychological aspects of a team process. The teams consisted of the MBA students who discussed and attempted to solve a case problem dealing with corporate social responsibility (i.e. child labor). At the end of the team process, two types of(More)
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