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GUIDELINES Kidney status in people with type 2 diabetes should be assessed by: (Grade B)* a. Annual screening for albuminuria by: Albumin Excretion Rate (AER) – timed urine collection. Microalbuminuria is indicated by: AER 30–300 mg/24 h or AER 20–200 mg/min in timed collection Macroalbuminuria is indicated by: AER > 300 mg/24 h or AER > 200 mg/min in timed(More)
We study integration and reconstruction of Gaussian random functions with inhomogeneous local smoothness. A single realization may only be observed at a nite sampling design and the correct local smoothness is unknown. We construct adaptive (sequential) designs that lead to asymptotically optimal methods. We show that any nonadaptive design will fail.
The lectures recorded below are concerned with the theory of generalized permutation representations, which was conceived during my stay at the Mathematical in 1996/97 and further developed in 1997{98, with some work (related to the Poincar e{Klein problem) still ongoing. This fascinating theory, which is characterized by a fruitful interplay between group(More)