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  • Thomas M, Humphrey, Robert E. Keleher, Thomas M. Humphrey
  • 2001
The views expressed herein are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, or the Federal Reserve System. This material is of a preliminary nature,. is circulated to stimulate discussion, and is not to be quoted without permission of the authors.
The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is Australia's leading funding body for health and medical research. The NHMRC also provides the government, health professionals and the community with expert and independent advice on a range of issues that directly affect the health and well being of all Australians. Approval for the guideline by(More)
GUIDELINES Kidney status in people with type 2 diabetes should be assessed by: (Grade B)* a. Annual screening for albuminuria by: Albumin Excretion Rate (AER) – timed urine collection. Microalbuminuria is indicated by: AER 30–300 mg/24 h or AER 20–200 mg/min in timed collection Macroalbuminuria is indicated by: AER > 300 mg/24 h or AER > 200 mg/min in timed(More)
A This article explores organizational restructuring in one large public institution as a situated response to the instabilities brought on by globalization. Drawing upon ethnographic research with the Los Angeles public school system, I argue that a process of fragmented centralization is taking place, whereby decision making authority is becoming(More)
The lectures recorded below are concerned with the theory of generalized permutation representations, which was conceived during my stay at the Mathematical in 1996/97 and further developed in 1997{98, with some work (related to the Poincar e{Klein problem) still ongoing. This fascinating theory, which is characterized by a fruitful interplay between group(More)
Thomas M, Steinke H. Thin layer plastination of the shoulder. Background: The interpretation of split images produced by CT, MRI or sonography requires precise knowledge about topographical anatomy of the shoulder. This is valid special for examinations in new joint positions as the apprehension-test position that is representative for an anterior shoulder(More)