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"I Seen My Opportunities and I Took 'Em:" Political Corruption in the American States
This study is an empirical examination of political corruption in the American states. Using the number of public officials who are convicted of crimes involving corruption as the dependent variable,Expand
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Presidential Campaigns and the Knowledge Gap
The knowledge gap hypothesis holds that when new information enters a social system via a mass media campaign, it is likely to exacerbate underlying inequalities in previously held information.Expand
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Political Learning from Presidential Debates
This paper focuses on an important aspect of presidential debates: the degree to which voters are able to glean candidate information from them. Using an open-ended measure of candidate information,Expand
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Knowing Versus Caring: The Role of Affect and Cognition in Political Perceptions
This paper examines the importance of political knowledge in shaping accurate perceptions of the political world—specifically, how levels of general political knowledge influence the accuracy ofExpand
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Cognitive Style and Political Learning in the 2000 U.S. Presidential Campaign
This article explores the impact of cognitive style, as measured by need to evaluate and need for cognition, on information acquisition during the 2000 U.S. presidential campaign. Using data from theExpand
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Reading the Political Tea Leaves
Building on the work of previous forecasters, I develop a model of presidential elections that deviates from earlier work by including a measure of aggregate personal finances. The results of theExpand
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Forecasting Us Presidential Elections
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Economic Considerations and the 2008 Presidential Election
The idea that economic conditions influence election outcomes and voting behavior is hardly novel and would appear to be close to uniformly accepted, especially in the case of American presidentialExpand
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A novel virtual reality simulation for hemostasis in a brain surgical cavity: perceived utility for visuomotor skills in current and aspiring neurosurgery residents.
OBJECTIVE To understand the perceived utility of a novel simulator to improve operative skill, eye-hand coordination, and depth perception. METHODS We used the ImmersiveTouch simulation platformExpand
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