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Lessons from Stuxnet
The article mentions that the malware such as Stuxnet can affect critical physical infrastructures that are controlled by software, which implies that threats might extend to real lives. Stuxnet
Performance analysis of DSRC priority mechanism for road safety applications in vehicular networks
An analytic model is proposed to evaluate the DSRC-based inter-vehicle communication and analyze the suitability of DSRC for road safety applications and the impacts of the channel access parameters associated with the different services.
Adaptive congestion control for DSRC vehicle networks
Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed rate control scheme for adapting to dynamic traffic loads and a cross-layer design approach is used with congestion detection at the MAC layer and traffic rate control at the application layer.
Malicious and Spam Posts in Online Social Networks
A large-scale study of more than half a million Facebook posts suggests that members of online social networks can expect a significant chance of encountering spam posts and a much lower but not
Proliferation and Detection of Blog Spam
Experimental results show that more than 75 percent of blog comments during the reporting period are spam, and that blog spammers likely operate from a few colocation facilities.
Web Filtering and Censoring
The public perceives the Web as a wildly uncensored medium, the embodiment of complete freedom of expression (for good or bad). In reality, information on the Web is not as uncontrolled as it may
Mathematical Foundations for Signal Processing, Communications, and Networking
This text provides all the necessary mathematical background to prepare students for more advanced courses and train specialists working in these areas as well as recent research trends in the interrelated fields of signal processing, telecommunications, and networking.
Design considerations for a honeypot for SQL injection Attacks
Design considerations for an application layer honeypot is investigated to attract and learn about SQL injection attacks and to emulate the appearance of common defenses against SQL injection in order to seem more genuine.
Survey of cyber security issues in smart grids
This talk will survey the security and privacy issues in smart grids using the NIST reference model, and relate these issues to cyber security in the Internet.