Thomas M. Willis

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Expansion of flood irrigation in the Lower Macquarie Valley of New South Wales, Australia, has been suggested as a major cause of increased groundwater recharge. The aim of this study was to estimate deep percolation under irrigation on two soils in the valley, in order to infer groundwater recharge. Three methods were used; water balance, Darcian flux(More)
Acute infectious purpura fulminans is reported in a 16-month-old male with a history of posttraumatic asplenia and complete left brachial plexus palsy. This patient developed peripheral necrosis of both lower extremities and the right upper extremity, whereas the left upper extremity was completely spared from ischemia and tissue damage. Amputation of four(More)
A computer method for determining the scattering, absorption, and internal field structure of thin flat disks of arbitrary refractive index is described. The code is shown to be accurate for all angles of incidence for radii up to at least two free space wavelengths and for media ranging from pure dielectric to highly conductive ones. The accuracy of the(More)
PROBLEM/CONDITION Silicosis is an occupational respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of respirable dust containing crystalline silica. Public health surveillance programs to identify workers at risk for silicosis and target workplace-specific and other prevention efforts are currently being field-tested in seven U.S. states. REPORTING PERIOD(More)
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