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BACKGROUND The influence of standard meniscus treatment strategies regarding osteoarthritic progress, function, and sports activity has not been estimated in a direct long-term comparison. HYPOTHESIS Meniscal repair compared with partial meniscectomy (partial meniscal resection) decreases osteoarthritic changes and reduces the effect on sports activity in(More)
BACKGROUND Reports of return to shoulder-dependent sport after surgical stabilization previously underestimated impairments, which were not reflected in the score systems used. HYPOTHESIS Return to shoulder-dependent sport depends on the type of sport performed. STUDY DESIGN Case series; Level of evidence, 4. METHODS Forty-seven athletes (26.9 years(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS The present report is a pilot clinical study about a new bipolar ablation technique for the treatment of turbinate hypertrophy, which offers an alternative to conventional methods. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, clinical. METHODS From August 1999 to March 2000, a new bipolar radiofrequency system with acoustic feedback control was(More)
PURPOSE Several well-described techniques are available for the treatment of chondral and osteochondral defects. The aim of the study was to assess the efficacy of a single-stage procedure incorporating a new cell-free collagen type I gel for the treatment of small chondral and osteochondral defects in the knee evaluated at 2-year follow-up. METHODS(More)
PURPOSE Adequate graft fixation over a certain time period is necessary for successful cartilage repair and permanent integration of the graft into the surrounding tissue. The aim of the present study was to test the primary stability of a new cell-free collagen gel plug (CaReS(®)-1S) with two different graft fixation techniques over a simulated early(More)
PURPOSE We aimed to evaluate the influence of cyclical mechanical loading on osteoblasts and fibroblasts, and co-cultures of both in vitro, simulating the conditions of the tendon-to-bone interface in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. METHODS Osteoblast-like cells (OBL) and tendon-derived rodent fibroblasts (TDF) were cultured alone or in(More)
LINGO-1 (leucine rich repeat and Ig domain containing Nogo receptor interacting protein-1) is a central nervous system transmembrane protein which simultaneously interacts with the Nogo-66 receptor and p75(NTR) or TROY on neurons to form a receptor complex responsible for myelin-mediated neurite outgrowth inhibition. On oligodendroglial cells, LINGO-1(More)
A replaceable polymer matrix, based on the novel monomer N-hydroxyethylacrylamide (HEA), has been synthesized for application in DNA separation by microchannel electrophoresis. The monomer was found by micellar electrokinetic chromatography analysis of monomer partitioning between water and 1-octanol to be more hydrophilic than acrylamide and(More)
We present the polymer poly-N-hydroxyethylacrylamide (PHEA) (polyDuramide) as a novel, hydrophilic, adsorbed capillary coating for electrophoretic protein analysis. Preparation of the PHEA coating requires a simple and fast (30 min) protocol that can be easily automated in capillary electrophoresis instruments. Over the pH range of 3-8.4, the PHEA coating(More)