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Vessel measurement in angiography is important for balloon and stent sizing. The most accurate techniques involve calibrating the angiographic image with a catheter with radioopaque markers, but these are expensive. A new method of vessel sizing for angioplasty and stenting is described: the guidewire is moved within the vessel through a set distance, and(More)
A 42-year-old woman had bladder exstrophy at birth, treated by ureterocolic anastomosis of her single kidney. She suffered recurrent hyperammonaemia, leading to comas, but refused an ileal conduit. During her most recent coma, it was decided to divert her urine to test whether this would reduce hyperammonaemia: this was accomplished by transcolonic(More)
Endoballoon rupture and stenting was performed on 26 patients with pelviureteric junction obstruction. Follow-up was for a mean of 21.4 months (range 3 to 44 months), during which 16 patients (64%) were asymptomatic and the symptoms of eight (30%) recurred; two were lost to follow-up. When waisting of the balloon was observed and seen to resolve during the(More)
The free fibular osteocutaneous flap is a commonly used donor for reconstruction of mandibular defects. Vascular abnormalities and leg trauma are relative contraindications to the use of a fibular free flap. Peroneal arteria magna (PAM) is one such vascular abnormality that may preclude the use of the graft due to the high risk of lower-limb ischemia.(More)
Based on the neurophysiology of dyspnoea and the distribution of cannabinoid receptors within the central nervous system, we hypothesize that the unpleasantness of breathlessness will be ameliorated in humans by cannabinoids, without respiratory depression. Five normal and four chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) subjects entered a double blind,(More)
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