Thomas M. Shay

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A novel, highly accurate, all electronic technique for phase locking arrays of optical fibers is demonstrated. We report the first demonstration of the only electronic phase locking technique that doesn't require a reference beam. The measured phase error is lambda/20. Excellent phase locking has been demonstrated for fiber amplifier arrays.
A diode-pumped rubidium laser with an optical slope efficiency of 69% has been constructed. This study utilized a narrowline diode laser pump source for the experiments. The trade space study included optimization of various parameters such as lasing cell composition, temperature, and output coupler reflectivities. The results of the experimental study are(More)
Significant effects from heating occur in both single and two tone fiber amplifiers. Single tone 1064 nm amplifiers have highest efficiency when the external environment surrounding the gain fiber is cold while 1064 nm two tone amplifiers co-seeded with broadband 1040 nm have maximum efficiency when the gain fiber is hot. It is shown experimentally that(More)
Two-tone 1064 nm fiber amplifiers having both cold (16°C) and pump induced temperature zones co-seeded with narrow linewidth 1064 nm and broad linewidth 1040 nm photons have been shown to have a power enhancement factor between 1.6 and 1.8 relative to the optimum single-tone 1064 nm amplifier while maintaining an efficiency of 65% or greater. The output(More)