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No evidence was found to support the idea that vaccine virus placed in the cisterna magna is capable of producing an acute disseminated encephalomyelitis with perivascular demyelination either in normal or in partially immune monkeys. A testicular extract (Reynals' factor) did not induce vaccine virus to cause an acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in(More)
The repeated intramuscular injections of aqueous emulsions and alcohol-ether extracts of sterile normal rabbit brains in some manner produced pathological changes accompanied by myelin destruction in the brains of 7 of 8 monkeys (Macacus rhesus). Eight, control monkeys remained well. Cultures from the involved brains remained sterile, and no transmissible(More)
A case of Rift Valley fever following an accidental laboratory infection, and believed to be the first instance of the disease in the Western hemisphere, is reported. Although the course of illness was otherwise quite typical, it was complicated by thrombophlebitis-a condition not previously described in association with this disease in man. Death was(More)
It has been possible by means of classical chemical methods to isolate and to characterize to some extent the nucleic acid of elementary bodies of vaccinia. Determination by means of diphenylamine reagent revealed that the major part of the nucleic acid was of the thymus type. This was further substantiated by its stability in the presence of ribonuclease,(More)
The virus of infectious myxomatosis of rabbits (Sanarelli) induces multiple lesions in the skin, lymph glands, tunica vaginalis,epididymis, testicle, spleen, and lungs. Growth and destruction of cells in the epidermis overlying the myxomatous masses leads to the formation of vesicles. Cytoplasmic inclusions are found in affected epidermal cells.(More)
Rabbits injected with fresh emulsions of homologous brain developed few or no antibodies capable of fixing complement in the presence of aqueous emulsions or alcoholic extracts of rabbit brain. Complement-fixing antibodies, however, were produced in rabbits by means of injections (1) of sterile emulsions of homologous brain which had been allowed to stand(More)
A search by means of spectroscopic and enzymatic techniques has failed to demonstrate either cytochrome or cytochrome oxidase in purified elementary bodies of vaccinia. A constituent of the virus which catalyzes the oxidation of cystein has been found and identified as copper in a concentration amounting to 0.05 per cent of the dry weight of the virus. The(More)