Thomas M. Neustein

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Circumferential decompression has been demonstrated to be the first-line therapy for patients with metastatic tumors in the thoracic spine requiring surgical intervention. However, there is significant debate regarding whether these tumors are best accessed anteriorly utilizing a thoracotomy or posteriorly. We used decision analysis to determine which(More)
Assessment of tissue perfusion can be a challenge for the hand surgeon. Indocyanine green (ICG) angiography has been shown to be a valuable adjunct to physical examination and clinical judgment when there is a concern for tissue perfusion. The use of this technology has risen sharply in recent years in reconstructive surgery. Applications of ICG angiography(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Open-door laminoplasty is a useful operation in the surgical management of cervical myelopathy with favorable outcomes and relatively low complications. One potential undesirable outcome is a decrease in cervical lordosis postoperatively. It is unknown whether the most proximal level undergoing laminoplasty affects the magnitude of loss(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective cohort study of prospectively collected data. OBJECTIVE To determine if laminoplasty (LP) is associated with worsening axial neck pain in patients with multilevel cervical myelopathy, and to compare neck pain, clinical outcomes, and radiographic measures in a group undergoing laminectomy and fusion (LF). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND(More)
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