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The aims of this descriptive study were to examine the prevalence and associations of coprophenomena (involuntary expression of socially unacceptable words or gestures) in individuals with Tourette syndrome. Participant data were obtained from the Tourette Syndrome International Database Consortium. A specialized data collection form was completed for each(More)
Contemporary literature on online and distance education almost unequivocally argues for the importance of interactions in online learning settings. Nevertheless, the relationship between dierent types of interactions and learning outcomes is rather complex. Analyzing 204 oerings of 29 courses, over the period of six years, this study aimed at expanding the(More)
Bootstrap methods are proposed for estimating sampling distributions and associated statistics for regression parameters in multivariate survival data. We use an Independence Working Model (IWM) approach, fitting margins independently, to obtain consistent estimates of the parameters in the marginal models. Resampling procedures, however, are applied to an(More)
BACKGROUND Orthostatic hypotension (OH) refers to a marked decline in blood pressure when upright. OH has a high incidence and prevalence in older adults and represents a potential intrinsic risk factor for falls in these individuals. Previous studies have not included more recent definitions for blood pressure responses to orthostasis, including initial,(More)
A formal statistical analysis is performed to determine the extent to which pitchers and catchers can influence stolen-base attempts and successes. Two response proportions, attempt/opportunity and success/attempt, are modelled separately using mixed-effects logistic regression models applied to situations with a runner on first and other bases empty. Data(More)