Thomas M. Liggett

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We prove for the contact process on Z, and many other graphs, that the upper invariant measure dominates a homogeneous product measure with large density if the infection rate λ is sufficiently large. As a consequence, this measure percolates if the corresponding product measure percolates. We raise the question of whether domination holds in the symmetric(More)
Aldous’ spectral gap conjecture asserts that on any graph the random walk process and the random transposition (or interchange) process have the same spectral gap. We prove the conjecture using a recursive strategy. The approach is a natural extension of the method already used to prove the validity of the conjecture on trees. The novelty is an idea based(More)
We consider a type of long-range percolation problem on the positive integers, motivated by earlier work of others on the appearance of (in)finite words within a site percolation model. The main issue is whether a given infinite binary word appears within an iid Bernoulli sequence at locations that satisfy certain constraints. We settle the issue in some(More)