Thomas M. Gehring

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We developed a mean field, metapopulation model to study the consequences of habitat destruction on a predator-prey interaction. The model complements and extends earlier work published by Bascompte and Solé (1998, J. theor. Biol.195, 383-393) in that it also permits use of alternative prey (i.e., resource supplementation) by predators. The current model is(More)
677 The consequences of delegation to independent agencies: Separation of powers, discursive governance and the regulation of telecommunications in Germany Abstract. Whereas the delegation of regulatory powers is usually examined from the prin-cipal's perspective, this article explores the consequences of delegation for the regulatory output. Empirically,(More)
Adolescents' perceptions of family relationships were studied using the FAST, a spatial technique in which wooden figures were placed on a board to represent cohesion and power. 150 subjects, drawn equally from sixth, ninth, and twelfth grades, portrayed the family in 2 representations: as perceived typically and ideally. Father-mother, father-child, and(More)
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This article argues that a World Environment Organisation (WEO) does not promise to enhance international environmental governance. First, we claim that the establishment of an international organisation alone in a policy field currently populated by regimes cannot be expected to significantly improve environmental governance because there is no qualitative(More)
Since European settlement, over 50 % of coastal wetlands have been lost in the Laurentian Great Lakes basin, causing growing concern and increased monitoring by government agencies. For over a decade, monitoring efforts have focused on the development of regional and organism-specific measures. To facilitate collaboration and information sharing between(More)
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Perceptions of family cohesion and hierarchy structures were assessed by the Family System Test (FAST), a clinically-derived figure placement technique. Parents (N = 140) and their preadolescent offspring (N = 70) completed typical and conflict representations in individual as well as group settings. Typical representations were characterized by balanced(More)