Thomas M. Cook

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Treatment of patients with impingement symptoms commonly includes exercises intended to restore "normal" movement patterns. Evidence that indicates the existence of abnormal patterns in people with shoulder pain is limited. The purpose of this investigation was to analyze glenohumeral and scapulothoracic kinematics and associated(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Increasing evidence suggests that musculoskeletal disorders are common in workers in the United States health care industry. Physical therapists, who commonly treat patients with these disorders, are also at risk for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMD) in the upper limbs and low back. The purpose of this study was to(More)
Abnormal scapular kinematics and associated muscle function presumably contribute to shoulder pain and pathology. An understanding of scapular kinematic and electromyographic profiles in asymptomatic individuals can provide a basis for evaluation of pathology. The purpose of this study was to describe normal three-dimensional scapular orientation and(More)
An ocean surface current radar (OSCR) in the very high frequency (VHF) mode was deployed in South Florida Ocean Measurement Center (SFOMC) during the summer of 1999. During this period, a 29-d continuous time series of vector surface currents was acquired starting on 9 July 1999 and ending 7 August 1999. Over a 20-min sample interval, the VHF radar mapped(More)
Foot orthotics have been used successfully in the treatment of musculoskeletal symptoms associated with structural variations of the foot. Their effectiveness has been primarily addressed through two-dimensional, frontal plane motion studies of the subtalar joint in individuals considered "clinical pronators." Recent evidence suggests that assessment of(More)
[1] Surface and subsurface currents and stratification were observed on and near the narrow shelf off Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in June–August 1999. The Florida Current flowed past, occasionally on the shelf, with speeds at times exceeding 2 m s 1 only 8 km offshore. The typical vorticity associated with the lateral shear of the Florida Current was 4f,(More)
As part of the Naval Research Laboratory and Office of Naval Research sponsored Physics of Coastal Remote Sensing Research Program, an experiment was conducted in September–October 1996 off Virginia Beach. Ocean surface currents were measured using the high-frequency (25.4 MHz) mode of the Ocean Surface Current Radar at 20-min intervals at a horizontal(More)
Infection is a devastating complication after total-hip arthroplasty. Between June 1991 and December 2001, 42 patients were treated at our center for chronically infected total-hip arthroplasty using a 2-stage articulating antibiotic hip spacer technique. Of the 27 patients available for review, 26 (94%) remain clinically free of infection at an average 76(More)
STUDY DESIGN Two-group mixed-model analysis of covariance and correlation analysis. OBJECTIVES To determine whether differences in humeral translations exist between patients with shoulder impingement symptoms and an asymptomatic comparison group, and if so, to determine if shoulder range-of-motion (ROM) measures are associated with abnormal translations.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Differences in foot structures have been reported to account for the large variability in findings in previous studies that have examined the relationship between foot structure and the interdependent rotations of the lower extremity. The purpose of this study was to determine, in individuals with radiographically distinct foot(More)