Thomas M. Comberiate

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Monolithic on-chip inductors are key passive devices in radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Currently, 70-80% of the on-wafer area of most RFIC chips is occupied by the sprawling planar spiral inductors, and its operation frequency is limited to a few GHz. With continuous scaling of the transistor technology, miniaturization and high frequency(More)
The ability to cohere the wireless operations between separate, moving microwave systems enables significant increases in capability for remote sensing, radar, communications, and other microwave wireless applications. Open-loop coherent distributed arrays, which are distributed systems of nodes that coherently coordinate without external signal inputs from(More)
One-way wireless clock transfer for cohering the emissions of separated radio frequency transmitters is demonstrated in this paper. The clock signal is modulated onto a carrier frequency and transferred from the master node to the slave node over a wireless link. Leveraging recent developments in high-accuracy microwave ranging developed by the authors, the(More)
Many applications, including communications, test and measurement, and radar, require the generation of signals with a high degree of spectral purity. One method for producing tunable, low-noise signals is to combine the outputs of multiple direct digital synthesizers (DDSs) arranged in a parallel configuration. In such an approach, if all noise is(More)
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