Thomas M. Brennan

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Here, we describe assembly PCR as a method for the synthesis of long DNA sequences from large numbers of oligodeoxyribonucleotides (oligos). The method, which is derived from DNA shuffling [Stemmer, Nature 370 (1994a) 389-391], does not rely on DNA ligase but instead relies on DNA polymerase to build increasingly longer DNA fragments during the assembly(More)
This work describes the in situ synthesis of oligonucleotide arrays on glass surfaces. These arrays are composed of features defined and separated by differential surface tension (surface tension arrays). Specifically, photolithographic methods were used to create a series of spatially addressable, circular features containing an amino-terminated(More)
A wide variety of alternative optimization objective functions have been reported in the literature such as minimizing stops, minimizing delay, and maximizing arrivals on green. There is extensive literature evaluating these alternative objective functions using models. This paper reports on the field deployment of these alternative optimization functions,(More)
Connected vehicle concepts can provide an enormously rich new data source that can be used for a variety of safety and performance measure applications. However, to date there are very limited connected vehicle deployments or applications other than graphical color coded maps provided by private sector companies. This paper takes an approach of introducing(More)
Familial hypomagnesemia with secondary hypocalcemia (HSH) (MIM 307600) was studied in three inbred Bedouin kindreds from Israel. The three kindreds, one extended and two nuclear families, contained 13 affected individuals, 11 males and two females. Assuming that the individuals affected with hypomagnesemia shared a chromosomal region inherited from a common(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This project has encompassed a number of studies in which many people have been involved. The authors of this project final report represent only a few of the individuals whose effort went into the overall endeavor. Therefore we would like to kindly thank the following individuals for their contributions to the work herein: The Joint(More)
We report on the effects of radiation on the light output of lead tungstate crystals. The crystals were irradiated by pure, intense high energy electron and hadron beams as well as by a mixture of hadrons, neutrons and gammas. The crystals were manufactured in Bogoroditsk, Apatity (both Russia), and Shanghai (China). These studies were carried out at the(More)
Decisions on whether to coordinate adjacent intersections are currently made by rules of thumb, coupling indices based on ratios of volume to distance, and modeled traffic flows. As high resolution event data from signalized intersections becomes more readily available, it becomes possible to analyze actual link vehicle flows to better characterize whether(More)
Transportation Centers established in 1987 by the U.S. Congress. These Centers were established with the recognition that transportation plays a key role in the nation's economy and the quality of life of its citizens. University faculty members provide a critical link in resolving our national and regional transportation problems while training the(More)
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