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BACKGROUND Mass spectrometry (MS) is being introduced into a large number of clinical laboratories. It provides specificity because of its ability to monitor selected mass ions, sensitivity because of the enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, and speed because it can help avoid the need for intensive sample cleanup and long analysis times. However, MS is not(More)
In a double-blind trial, 21 patients with severe plaque psoriasis were randomly assigned to receive oral cyclosporine, 14 mg/kg/d, or its vehicle. After four weeks of therapy the 11 cyclosporine recipients had the following response to treatment: two had total clearing and six improved markedly, two moderately, and one minimally; whereas ten vehicle-treated(More)
Previously we have demonstrated that systemic activation of the complement system after intravenous injection of cobra venom factor (CVF) results in acute lung injury as reflected by increases in the vascular permeability of the lung as well as by morphologic evidence of damage to lung vascular endothelial cells. In using the vascular permeability of the(More)
Magnesium has been used empirically for several decades in the treatment of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias in patients with normal and decreased serum magnesium levels. However, a systematic evaluation of the effects of magnesium on cardiac conduction and refractoriness in humans has not been described. In this study, the electrocardiographic and(More)
Cyclosporin A, which is a specific immunosuppressive compound, has recently been demonstrated to be of significant benefit in the treatment of psoriasis. Because hyperplasia is a major feature of psoriasis, we have investigated whether this drug acts directly to inhibit keratinocyte growth. We have determined the concentration range of cyclosporin in the(More)
BACKGROUND Iohexol is an iodinated contrast dye that has been shown to be useful in the estimation of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in patients with suspected renal insufficiency. We developed and validated an ultraperformance liquid chromatography (UPLC)-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (MS/MS) assay for quantifying iohexol in human serum. METHODS(More)
We have introduced a method of collecting a prepurified sample of saliva in the mouth for the quantitative determination of phenytoin and carbamazepine. The patient places in the mouth an osmotic device that accumulates in greater than 8 min a volume of approximately 1.2 ml clear ultrafiltrate devoid of molecules greater than 12,000 daltons. The(More)
Hawthorn, an herbal supplement, is currently being evaluated for the treatment of heart failure. The flavonoid components of hawthorn may be responsible for hawthorn's beneficial effects in the treatment of heart failure. However, these components may also affect P-glycoprotein function and cause interactions with drugs that are P-glycoprotein substrates,(More)
BACKGROUND Lung transplantation is an established treatment for cystic fibrosis (CF) patients with end-stage lung disease. Current immunosuppression includes the prodrug mycophenolate mofetil (MMF), which has led to improved transplant outcomes. Given the pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption in CF patients, some transplant centers give higher doses of(More)
With chronic low-level exposure to cadmium (Cd) the kidney is considered to be the organ at risk. Thus, permissible exposure levels (PEL) should be established to protect against the risk of renal dysfunction for a working lifetime. In this study, the prevalence of renal dysfunction among 33 male subjects exposed to Cd fumes at and below the current PEL of(More)