Thomas Müller-Gronbach

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We study numerical integration of Lipschitz functionals on a Banach space by means of deterministic and randomized (Monte Carlo) algorithms. This quadrature problem is shown to be closely related to the problem of quantization and to the average Kolmogorov widths of the underlying probability measure. In addition to the general setting we analyze in(More)
We study pathwise approximation of scalar stochastic differential equations. The mean squared L 2-error and the expected number n of evaluations of the driving Brownian motion are used for the comparison of arbitrary methods. We introduce an adaptive discretization that reflects the local properties of every single trajectory. The corresponding error tends(More)
We study the pathwise (strong) approximation of scalar stochastic differential equations with respect to the global error in the L 2-norm. For equations with additive noise we establish a sharp lower error bound in the class of arbitrary methods that use a fixed number of observations of the driving Brownian motion. As a consequence, higher order methods do(More)
We study algorithms for approximation of the mild solution of stochastic heat equations on the spatial domain ]0, 1[ d. The error of an algorithm is defined in L 2-sense. We derive lower bounds for the error of every algorithm that uses a total of N evaluations of one-dimensional components of the driving Wiener process W. For equations with additive noise(More)