Thomas Lyons

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Limited research information is available on the training programs and dietary practices of competitive male and female body builders. Information on body composition, training programs, and nutritional profiles of eleven competitive male and female body builders were obtained 48 hours prior to competition. Body composition was assessed by hydrostatic(More)
Mediterranean regions are under increasing pressure from global climate changes. Many have experienced more frequent extreme weather events such as droughts and heatwaves, which have severe implications for the persistence of forest ecosystems. This study reports on a landscape-scale assessment investigating potential associated factors of crown dieback in(More)
Installation of small and medium-size wind turbines on the rooftops of high buildings has been often suggested by architects and project developers as a valuable solution for achieving sustainable energy in building design. In such locations, however, because of the presence of buildings and other adjacent obstructions, wind is normally turbulent, unstable(More)
Young men who have sex with men (MSM) experience multiple health disparities, including alcohol and drug use, partner violence, victimization due to sexual orientation, and HIV infection. Syndemic theorists explain the clustering of these disparities among adult MSM as a result of cultural marginalization. To date, research on a similar emerging syndemic(More)
The prevalence rate of HIV infection in jails and prisons is approximately 5 times the rate in the U.S. general population. The authors surveyed state prison officials to assess HIV testing and HIV prevention policies--specifically voluntary testing, group HIV prevention counseling, and peer education--in the 50 states and to determine whether those(More)
is a policy associate at Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC) of Illinois, where she analyzes local, State, and Federal policy issues and coordinates advocacy and policy improvement activities. is a post-doctoral fellow in the University of Kentucky's Department of Behavioral Science and a research associate at the Center on Drug and Alcohol(More)
Stimulant-using men who have sex with men (MSM) are at increased risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission, and are more likely to practice unprotected anal sex than MSM who do not use methamphetamine and/or crack cocaine. In this paper the authors report on interviews with stimulant-using men who have sex with men who have participated in(More)
The use of small grid-connected wind turbines in the built environment is increasing. The international wind turbine design standard is based on open terrain sites, but in the built environment, the turbulence intensity is much higher than in open terrain and can lead to premature fatigue of turbines This paper compares the turbulence power spectral(More)