Thomas Lyons

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In this report, we show that zinc is required for endoplasmic reticulum function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Zinc deficiency in this yeast induces the unfolded protein response (UPR), a system normally activated by unfolded ER proteins. Msc2, a member of the cation diffusion facilitator (CDF) family of metal ion transporters, was previously implicated in(More)
We examined the role of vascular function and inflammation in the development and failure to heal diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). We followed 104 diabetic patients for a period of 18.4 ± 10.8 months. At the beginning of the study, we evaluated vascular reactivity and serum inflammatory cytokines and growth factors. DFUs developed in 30 (29%) patients. DFU(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate changes in endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) and cytokines in patients with diabetic foot ulceration (DFU) in association with wound healing. METHODS We studied healthy subjects, diabetic patients not at risk of DFU, at risk of DFU and with active DFU. We prospectively followed the DFU patients over a 12-week period. We also(More)
  • Amir Bashirzadeh Tabrizi, Jonathan Whale, Thomas Lyons, Tania Urmee
  • 2014
Keywords: Small wind turbines Built environment CFD Wind atlas software a b s t r a c t The installation of small and medium-size wind turbines on the rooftops of high buildings has been often suggested by architects and project developers as a potential solution for achieving sustainable energy in building design. In such locations, however, because of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate changes in the foot muscle energy reserves in diabetic non-neuropathic and neuropathic patients. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We measured the phosphocreatinine (PCr)/inorganic phosphate (Pi) ratio, total (31)P concentration, and the lipid/water ratio in the muscles in the metatarsal head region using MRI spectroscopy in healthy(More)
Good organizational structure design is increasingly important in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) environments. It can reduce problems due to the changing roles of organizational units and information technologies. This paper presents observations about organizational structures for CIM and discusses the basic approaches. An initial framework for(More)
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