Thomas Luhmann

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The paper gives an overview of thermal imaging sensors for photogrammetric close-range applications. In particular, it presents results of the geometric calibration of thermographic cameras as they are used for building inspection and material testing. Two different test fields have been designed providing point targets that are visible in the thermal(More)
The paper presents a historical review of panorama image techniques with special emphasis on photogrammetric applications. The first part of the paper deals with the anatomic and visual properties of human vision where the use of panoramic views is evident for monitoring the environment, recognition, avoidance of collision etc. Naturally, the use of(More)
The following paper is a summary and comparison of different optical measuring systems for free-form surface measurement according to their achieved accuracy. The investigation includes three fringe projection systems, two stereo image-based matching methods and one object-based multi-image matching method. The accuracy is assessed by use of a 3D surface(More)
The paper reports on the development of a new guideline for acceptance and verification of optical 3-D measuring system, e.g. photogrammetric systems or fringe-projection systems. The work has started in 1996, initiated by the working group “Close-range Photogrammetry” of the German Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (DGPF) and by the working(More)
The following paper discusses the use of 3D reference bodies for the assessment of measurement accuracy of free-form surface measurement systems. Reference bodies are mechanical structures with calibrated values in terms of given coordinates, distances or surfaces. Standardised guidelines exist for the determination of limited performance characteristics(More)