Thomas Ludwig

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At least during the first 6 months after birth, the nutrition of infants should ideally consist of human milk which provides 40–60 % of energy from lipids. Beyond energy, human milk also delivers lipids with a specific functionality, such as essential fatty acids (FA), phospholipids, and cholesterol. Healthy development, especially of the nervous and(More)
A serious complication seen in critically ill patients is the solidification of enteral nutrition causing gastrointestinal obstruction. It has been suggested that enteral nutrition enriched with insoluble fibers may increase the risk of this complication. Therefore, we investigate the effect of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers on the coagulation of a(More)
Two large pegmatitic crystals of sodic pyroxene (aegirine) and sodic amphibole (arfvedsonite) from the agpaitic igneous Ilímaussaq Complex, south Greenland were found to be suitable as reference materials for in situ Li isotope determinations. Lithium concentrations determined by SIMS and micro-drilled material analysed by MC-ICP-MS generally agreed within(More)
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