Thomas Lopez

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The exchange of avatars, i.e. the actual fact of changing once avatar with another one, is a promising trend in multi-actor virtual environments. It provides new opportunities for users, such as controlling a different avatar for a specific action, retrieving knowledge belonging to a particular avatar, solving conflicts and deadlocks situations or even(More)
Numerous path planning solutions have been proposed to solve the navigation problem in static environments, potentially populated with dynamic obstacles. However, in dynamic environments, moving objects can be used to reach new locations. In this paper, we propose an online planning algorithm for dynamically changing environments with unknown evolution.(More)
In Collaborative Virtual Environment for Training (CVET), different roles need to be played by <i>actors</i>, i.e. virtual agents or users. We introduce in this paper a new entity, the <i>Shell</i>, which aims at abstracting an actor from its embodiment in the virtual world. Thus, using this entity, users and virtual agents are able to collaborate in the(More)
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