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Twelve Fallacies in Contemporary Adaptation Theory
What could be more audacious than to argue that the study of moving images as adaptations of literary works, one of the very first shelters under which cin ema studies originally entered the academy,Expand
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Adaptation Studies at a Crossroads
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Film Adaptation and Its Discontents: From Gone with the Wind to The Passion of the Christ
I would highly recommend Leitch's study, in particular for its diversity and complexity. The author demonstrates that he is familiar with a large and heterogeneous corpus, including canonical as wellExpand
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Twice-Told Tales: The Rhetoric of the Remake
At first glance, movie remakes-new versions of old movies-may seem no different from other film adaptations of earlier material. But the peculiar nature of the relationships they establish with theirExpand
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For (Against) a Theory of Rereading
My contradictory title is explained by my contention that literary theory needs to take account of the ways an audience's experience changes when we reread a work of literature or watch a film forExpand
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The World According to Teenpix
No film teachers who go to the movies regularly-and even in these days of VCRs and TNT, there must be a few such people-can fail to observe that most members of the audience are a lot younger thanExpand
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Wikipedia U: Knowledge, Authority, and Liberal Education in the Digital Age
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Adaptation, the Genre
Instead of considering film and television adaptations in the context of the source texts they are adapting, this essay proposes another context for their reception and analysis: the genre ofExpand
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Crime Films: Frontmatter
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