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This chapter presents ParadisEO-MOEO, a white-box object-oriented software framework dedicated to the flexible design of metaheuristics for multi-objective optimization. This paradigm-free software proposes a unified view for major evolutionary multi-objective metaheuristics. It embeds some features and techniques for multi-objective resolution and aims to(More)
A comparison of three different Optical Burst Switching (OBS) architectures is made, in terms of performance criteria, control and hardware complexity, fairness, resource utilization, and burst loss probability. Regarding burst losses, we distinguish the losses due to burst contentions from those due to contentions of Burst Control Packets (BCP). The(More)
Model transformation is one of the key principles of Model Driven Engineering. Many approaches have been proposed to design and realize them. However, for all the approaches, model transformations are considered as single entities that can only be chained if their input and output metamodels are compatible. This approach has the major drawback to focus on(More)
Model-driven engineering (MDE) exploits well-defined, tool-supported modelling languages and operations applied to models created using these languages. Model transformation is a critical part of the use of MDE. It has been argued that transformations must be engineered systematically, particularly when the languages to which they are applied are large and(More)
In this article, we examine the relationship between child mortality and subsequent fertility using prospective longitudinal data on births and childhood deaths occurring to nearly 8000 Bangladeshi mothers observed over the 1982-1993 period, a time of rapid fertility decline. Generalized hazard-regression analyses are employed to assess the effect of infant(More)
This paper reports a test bed aiming at studying burst contention resolution mechanisms in ldquoLabelledrdquo OBS networks together with a simulation tool that is designed to back up experiments. The test bed is composed of a Labelled OBS core node and a measurement arrangement for burst capture and analysis. Different components of the test bed are(More)
RESUME Dans cet article, nous montrons, à l'aide de simulations, les différents comportements de l'OBS conventionnel et de l'OBS à label vis-à-vis de la résolution de contentions spectro-temporelles. Nous montrons que le temps d'« offset » et les contentions de BCP sont les principaux inconvénients de l'OBS conventionnel entraînant des performances(More)
Cox proportional hazard regressions are used to study men's first entry into salaried work in the formal sector, based on life history data from Dakar and Bamako. The effects of individual-level determinants are strikingly similar in both cities and confirm the importance of variables reflecting human capital and job market strategies (education, age, and(More)
While alterations in spinal kinematics have been frequently reported in patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP), a better characterization of the kinematics during functional activities is needed to improve our understanding and therapeutic solutions for this condition. Recent studies on healthy subjects showed the value of analyzing the spine during(More)
Fall accident is one of the most common factors that threaten the health of the elderly, therefore, the development of fall detection system is essential. In this study, a Neural Network is trained with simulated falls and ADL recorded from young subjects and ADL from elderly subjects to achieve this goal.