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The Ouagadougou HDSS, located in five neighborhoods at the northern periphery of the capital of Burkina Faso, was established in 2008. Data on vital events (births, deaths, unions, migration events) are collected during household visits which have taken place every 10 months. The areas were selected to contrast informal neighbourhoods (about 40000(More)
This study explores the relationship between age at first sexual intercourse and four indicators of sexual behaviour among adolescents aged 14 to 19 years in Burkina Faso, Malawi and Uganda. Analyses are conducted using data from National Surveys of Adolescents, organized in 2004. Multivariate analyses are performed using dichotomous logistic regression and(More)
This chapter presents ParadisEO-MOEO, a white-box object-oriented software framework dedicated to the flexible design of metaheuristics for multi-objective optimization. This paradigm-free software proposes a unified view for major evolutionary multi-objective metaheuristics. It embeds some features and techniques for multi-objective resolution and aims to(More)
A comparison of three different Optical Burst Switching (OBS) architectures is made, in terms of performance criteria, control and hardware complexity, fairness, resource utilization, and burst loss probability. Regarding burst losses, we distinguish the losses due to burst contentions from those due to contentions of Burst Control Packets (BCP). The(More)
While the importance of antenatal care for maternal and child health continues to be debated, several researchers have documented its impact on intermediate variables affecting survival such as birth weight. These studies have also highlighted the problems of causality that are typically not taken into account when estimating the effects of antenatal care(More)
Longitudinal data for more than 20,000 live births in the cities of Bamako (Mali) and Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) are used to study the effects of young maternal age (less than 18 years and 18-19) on birth weight, child health care and feeding behavior, and child mortality, after controlling for other socioeconomic and demographic factors. Teenage(More)
Model transformation is one of the key principles of Model Driven Engineering. Many approaches have been proposed to design and realize them. However, for all the approaches, model transformations are considered as single entities that can only be chained if their input and output metamodels are compatible. This approach has the major drawback to focus on(More)
In this study, we measure gender inequality both at individual level by women׳s household decision-making and at contextual level by permissive gender norms associated with tolerance of violence against women and assess their impact on maternal healthcare services utilisation in rural Africa. We apply multilevel structural equation modelling to Demographic(More)
Despite the general recognition that the sexual practices of adolescent boys place them at high risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and of causing unwanted pregnancies, advances in mapping their sexual behaviors have been slow. This study uses data recently collected from low-income areas of the city of Recife, Brazil,(More)
Brucella are facultative intracellular bacteria that cause chronic infections by limiting innate immune recognition. It is currently unknown whether Brucella FliC flagellin, the monomeric subunit of flagellar filament, is sensed by the host during infection. Here, we used two mutants of Brucella melitensis, either lacking or overexpressing flagellin, to(More)