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The practical exploitation of SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructures) raises number of issues as far as it grows. Among them is the heterogeneity of data sources and thus the difficulty for GIS users not to depend on the data source format and of course to learn different systems. This a major flaw with respect to reuse and data sharing. The purpose of our work(More)
(2011). Measuring surrounding space to assess the pedestrian visual aperture angle in the urban fabric: towards a kurtosis based isovist indicator. Abstract. Partial isovists fields are useful methods to analyze the urban morphology taking into account the visual perception of the pedestrian. However, as previous studies involve a constant visual aperture(More)
To develop and manage urban territories and to analyze urbanisation impact on environment, an accurate knowledge of the city and its urban fabric is necessary. A physical description like building morphology or land cover/use allows some characterization of the urban terrain. A specific package for a GIS software is developed for urban analysis: UrbSAT(More)