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The Revised CONSORT Statement for Reporting Randomized Trials: Explanation and Elaboration
The CONSORT statement (or simply CONSORT) comprises a checklist of essential items that should be included in reports of RCTs and a diagram for documenting the flow of participants through a trial, aimed at first reports of two-group parallel designs.
Sharing clinical trial data on patient level: Opportunities and challenges
In recent months one of the most controversially discussed topics among regulatory agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, journal editors, and academia has been the sharing of patient‐level clinical
Time-resolving characterization of molecular weight retention changes among three synthetic high-flux dialyzers.
Substantial differences in the temporal performance profile of dialyzers exist, and the present approach allows characterization of dialyzer permeability changes over time using standard, clinically relevant protein markers.
Randomized comparison of three high-flux dialyzers during high-volume online hemodiafiltration—the comPERFORM study
Investigation of the novel FX CorAL dialyzer with a modified membrane surface for performance during online hemodiafiltration (HDF) in a clinical setting found it efficiently removed middle and small molecules and was superior to the two comparators in β2-m RR.