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Cardiolipin is a mitochondrion-specific phospholipid that stabilizes the assembly of respiratory chain complexes, favoring full-yield operation. It also mediates key steps in apoptosis. In Barth syndrome, an X chromosome-linked cardiomyopathy caused by tafazzin mutations, cardiolipins display acyl chain modifications and are present at abnormally low(More)
Mitochondria continually fuse and divide to yield a dynamic interconnected network throughout the cell. During apoptosis, concomitantly with permeabilization of the mitochondrial outer membrane (MOMP) and cytochrome c release, mitochondria undergo massive fission. This results in the formation of small, round organelles that tend to aggregate around the(More)
A pedicled autologous jejunum transplant and a free bovine collagen prosthesis were tried for the treatment of short, benign stenoses of the bile duct in animal experiments. In both cases at follow-up periods of 6--18 months an unrestricted flow of bile was recorded in the plastically dilated bile duct macroscopically, radiologically and by the chemical(More)
The use of a modified bovine collagen graft as a low-pressure conduit was investigated by implantation into the iliocaval system of dogs. In the 210 day observation period, a patency rate of 87.5% was achieved. Nearly all graft failures occured within the first 14 days following implantation; failure after that time did not seem to be dependent upon length(More)
A pedunculate patch, obtained from a disconnected segment of jejunum, was implanted into the longitudinal incision of the ductus choledochus. Intra-operatively, the findings were based upon direct cholecystocholangiography; postoperatively, upon laboratory tests. After an observation period of 12 months a new cholangiography of the transplant was made along(More)
UNLABELLED Round opacities in the lungs found in the course of a neoplastic disorder or during the initial tumor staging are most often regarded as metastases without histological studies to prove their nature. These presumed metastases are, however, very often diagnosed later as benign lesions or primary malignant pulmonary tumors. AIM To investigate the(More)