Thomas L. Marsh

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Maximum entropy methods of parameter estimation are appealing because they impose no additional structure on the data, other than that explicitly assumed by the analyst. In this paper we prove that the data constrained GME estimator of the general linear model is consistent and asymptotically normal. The approach we take in establishing the asymptotic(More)
Washington 99164. We are indebted to Kelly Pace, James LeSage, and anonymous reviewers for insightful comments and recommended corrections. Any errors are solely the responsibility of the authors. Abstract: We formulate generalized maximum entropy estimators for the general linear model and the censored regression model when there is first order spatial(More)
We formulate generalized maximum entropy estimators for the general linear model and the censored regression model when there is first order spatial autoregression in the dependent variable and residuals. Monte Carlo experiments are provided to compare the performance of spatial entropy estimators in small and medium sized samples relative to classical(More)
  • Lia Nogueira, Thomas L Marsh, Peter R Tozer, Derrell Peel Professor
  • 2011
Helpful comments and suggestions were provided by two anonymous reviewers. Abstract The objective of this article is to analyze the domestic and international effects of a hypothetical foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the Mexican cattle industry. A discrete time dynamic optimization model of the Mexican cattle sector is specified, and linked to domestic(More)
Figure 1. The Ogallala is the largest freshwater aquifer in the world. The maps above show the saturated thickness (vertical distance between the water table and the aquifer floor) of the Ogallala in 1996-97 and the water level changes between 1980 and 1997. The aquifer is depleted in parts of northern Texas and west central Kansas. A large share of(More)
A generalized maximum entropy estimator is developed for the linear simultaneous equations model. Monte Carlo sampling experiments are used to evaluate the estimator's performance in small and medium sized samples, suggesting contexts in which the current generalized maximum entropy estimator is superior in mean square error to two and three stage least(More)
Preventing and controlling the outbreaks of High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) are economic and potential public health issues which involve both the government and individual backyard poultry producers. We study a market in which producers vary in type. We examine how compensation policy can be designed to enhance producer-level animal disease(More)
Information theoretic estimators for the first-order spatial autoregressive model are introduced, small sample properties are investigated, and the estimator is applied empirically. Monte Carlo experiments are used to compare finite sample performance of more traditional spatial estimators to three different information theoretic estimators, including(More)
INTRODUCTION Urologists perform retrograde contrast studies of the ureters and pelvicalyceal systems in the operating theatre, both for diagnostic purposes and to guide instrumentation. We describe the development of a set of guidelines that aim to standardise the diagnostic quality of these studies and to reduce radiation dose to the patient and theatre(More)