Thomas L. Markovich

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We present here a new approach to generalize supersymmetric quantum mechanics to treat multiparticle and multidimensional systems. We do this by introducing a vector superpotential in an orthogonal hyperspace. In the case of N distinguishable particles in three dimensions this results in a vector superpotential with 3N orthogonal components. The original(More)
In this work, we develop an approach to treat correlated many-electron dynamics, dressed by the presence of a finite-temperature harmonic bath. Our theory combines a small polaron transformation with the second-order time-convolutionless master equation and includes both electronic and system-bath correlations on equal footing. Our theory is based on the ab(More)
Meager information is available on the specific effects of root volume (V) and N concentration in the water (CN) on uptake rates of water and N by apple trees, as related to fruit yield and tree growth. To investigate this relationship, Golden Delicious/Hashabi trees were grown for 5 years in containers of 200, 50 and 101. Trees in the 200–1 containers were(More)
In addition to ground state wave functions and energies, excited states and their energies are also obtained in a standard Rayleigh-Ritz variational calculation. However, their accuracy is generally much lower. Using the super-symmetric (SUSY) form of quantum mechanics, we show that better accuracy and more rapid convergence can be obtained by taking(More)
We discuss a periodic variant of the Heisenberg-Weyl algebra, associated with the group of translations and modulations on the circle. Our study of uncertainty minimizers leads to a periodic version of canonical coherent states. Unlike the canonical, Cartesian case, there are states for which the uncertainty product associated with the generators of the(More)
Signal processing techniques have been developed that use different strategies to bypass the Nyquist sampling theorem in order to recover more information than a traditional discrete Fourier transform. Here we examine three such methods: filter diagonalization, compressed sensing, and super-resolution. We apply them to a broad range of signal forms commonly(More)
Irreversible processes such as solvation, energy transfer, and chemical binding have received renewed interest in recent years. Because these processes involve large systems with many degrees of freedom, the typical approach to studying these processes is the open quantum systems formalism, in which the degrees of freedom are partitioned into a system of(More)
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Bio USA. E-mail: aspuru@chemistry.harvard.ed Department of Chemistry, Princeton Univer Department of Chemistry and Chemical Bio Princeton Institute for the Science and Tech Princeton, NJ, USA Department of Physics, Princeton University Program in Applied and Computational Mat NJ, USA † Electronic supplementary(More)
We report neutron-scattering measurements of the phonons in bcc solid 4He. In general, only three acoustic phonon branches should exist in a monatomic cubic crystal. In addition to these phonon branches, we found a new "opticlike" mode along the [110] direction. One possible interpretation of this new mode is in terms of localized excitations unique to a(More)
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