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The network loading problem (NLP) is a specialized capacitated network design problem in which prescribed point-to-point demand between various pairs of nodes of a network must be met by installing (loading) a capacitated facility. We can load any number of units of the facility on each of the arcs at a specified arc dependent cost. The problem is to(More)
We study a generic minimization problem with separable non-convex piecewise linear costs, showing that the linear programming (LP) relaxation of three textbook mixed-integer programming formulations each approximates the cost function by its lower convex envelope. We also show a relationship between this result and classical Lagrangian duality theory.
Variational inequalities have often been used as a mathematical programming tool in modeling various equilibria in economics and transportation science. The behavior of such equilibrium solutions as a result of the changes in problem data is always of concern. In this paper, we present an approach for conducting sensitivity analysis of variational(More)
This paper studies a multi-facility network synthesis problem, called the Two-level Network Design (TLND) problem, that arises in the topological design of hierarchical communication, transportation, and electric power distribution networks. The nodes of a multi-level network have varying levels of importance; more critical or higher level nodes require(More)