Thomas L. Davis

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Anticancer drugs docetaxel and vinorelbine suppress cell growth by altering microtubule assembly and activating the proapoptotic signal pathway. Vinorelbine and docetaxel have been approved for treating several advanced cancers. However, their efficacy in the management of advanced hormone-refractory prostate cancer remains to be clarified. Microtubule(More)
Potentiation of startle has been demonstrated in experimentally produced aversive emotional states, and clinical reports suggest that potentiated startle may be associated with fear or anxiety. To test the generalizability of startle potentiation across a variety of emotional states as well as its sensitivity to individual differences in fearfulness, the(More)
Neurons in the cerebral cortex have been classified primarily by their differences in axonal and dendritic branching patterns observed in material impregnated by the Golgi method. Although these morphological differences are widely believed to reflect differences in connectivity, very little is actually known about the patterns of synaptic input to(More)
A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-group, 6-month study assessed the efficacy and safety of ropinirole, a nonergoline D2-dopamine agonist, in patients with early Parkinson's disease (n = 241; Hoehn & Yahr stages I to III) with limited or no prior dopaminergic therapy. Patients (mean age, 62.8 years), stratified by(More)
Recent experimental research suggests an association between negative affect and potentiation of the human startle reflex, as well as enhancement of this effect among fearful compared to low fear subjects. In the present study, 32 undergraduates were selected for high or low total Fear Survey Schedule scores. Acoustic startle probes were presented while(More)
Wearing-off phenomenon that complicates levodopa therapy of Parkinson's disease has been attributed to a reduction in striatal dopamine storage due to the progressive degeneration of presynaptic dopaminergic terminals. To determine whether postsynaptic mechanisms also contribute to these response fluctuations, the duration of the antiparkinsonian response(More)
This study reports a retrospective analysis of 16 patients to determine changes in medication costs associated with deep brain stimulation of the bilateral subthalamic nucleus (DBS B-STN). Antiparkinsonian medication (APMED) costs were evaluated pre- and post-operatively at 1 and 2 years, based on prescribed dosages. After treatment with DBS, patients(More)
Computation of ventricular volume has important clinical applications but is challenging. We compared linear ventricular measurements to ventricular volume to find a simple to perform quantitative measurement of ventricular size. Linear measurements were correlated with ventricular volumes to different degrees and were reproducible between investigators.(More)
Supine hypertension is difficult to manage in patients with pure autonomic failure (PAF), because treatment can worsen orthostatic hypotension. Supine hypertension in PAF has been associated with left ventricular hypertrophy, but end organ damage in the kidney has not been assessed. We reviewed hemodynamic and laboratory data of 64 male patients with PAF(More)