Thomas Kurpick

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During acceptance testing customers assess whether a system meets their expectations and often identify issues that should be improved. These findings have to be communicated to the developers -- a task we observed to be error prone, especially in distributed teams. Here, it is normally not possible to have developer representatives from every site attend(More)
Tools are an essential part of every software engineering project. But the number of tools that are used in all phases of the software development life-cycle and their complexity is growing continually. Consequently, the setup and maintenance of current tool chains and development environments requires much effort and consumes a lot of time. One approach to(More)
Models of different kinds are used in the area of business process management. Abstract process knowledge as well as executable process definitions can be visualized and edited in a graphical manner. The same holds true for models of process instances in some process-aware information systems (PAIS), which allow for dynamic modifications in a process(More)
A lot of current buildings are operated energy inefficient and offer a great potential to reduce the overall energy consumption and <i>CO</i><sub>2</sub> emission. Detecting these inefficiencies is a complicated task and needs domain experts that are able to identify them. Most approaches try to support detection by focussing on monitoring the building's(More)
Energy efficient buildings require high quality standards for all their technical equipment to enable their efficient and successful operation and management. Building simulations enable engineers to design integrated HVAC systems with complex building automation systems to control all their technical functions. Numerous studies show that especially these(More)
In the race to minimize operational costs, Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms has become increasingly popular. The development of SaaS, however, introduces several aspects that must be considered. In this paper, we present the continuous deployment pipeline of our eTrusted Enterprise SaaS Platform. Thereby, we focus on lessons learned during the(More)
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