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Mucins are a large family of glycoproteins expressed by many epithelial cells and their malignant counterparts. Much interest has been focused on expression of its members in breast cancer because of their potential role as prognostic indicators and their involvement in cancer therapy. We have examined 1447 cases of invasive breast carcinoma with a(More)
We reviewed 59 bone graft substitutes marketed by 17 companies currently available for implantation in the United Kingdom, with the aim of assessing the peer-reviewed literature to facilitate informed decision-making regarding their use in clinical practice. After critical analysis of the literature, only 22 products (37%) had any clinical data. Norian SRS(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the reliability, reproducibility, variability and validity of the Osteoarthritis Cartilage Histopathology (OACH) assessment system and Mankin Histological-Histochemical Grading System (HHGS) when applied to the characterisation of the osteoarthritic human knee. METHOD Osteoarthritic knees of 10 patients undergoing unilateral knee(More)
AIMS To establish a three dimensional reconstruction of an invasive breast carcinoma using basic laboratory equipment to evaluate and characterise the spatial arrangement of the parenchymal cells of the breast. METHODS One hundred and twenty eight sequential 4 microm sections (20 microm apart) of the tumour were stained immunohistochemically with an(More)
The paper describes a method to understand time required to vaccinate against viruses in total as well as subpopulations. As a demonstration, a model based estimate for time required to vaccinate H1N1 in India, given its administrative difficulties is provided. We have proved novel theorems for the time functions defined in the paper. Such results are(More)
Immunosuppressants have been the mainstay of treatment for certain inflammatory joint conditions for many years. Developments in this field, namely biological treatments, have led to a change in the classical presentation of acute bone, joint and soft tissue infections. The normal findings of severe pain and tenderness on examination may be absent or simply(More)
UNLABELLED A retrospective study was performed in 100 children aged between two and 16 years, with a dorsally angulated stable fracture of the distal radius or forearm, who were treated with manipulation in the emergency department (ED) using intranasal diamorphine and 50% oxygen and nitrous oxide. Pre- and post-manipulation radiographs, the final(More)
We present our case report using a novel metal artefact reduction magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequence to observe resolution of subchondral bone marrow lesions (BMLs), which are strongly associated with pain, in a patient after total knee replacement surgery. Large BMLs were seen preoperatively on the 3-Tesla MRI scans in a patient with severe end(More)
Visualisation and data exploration is of interest in many areas of medicine. 3D reconstruction can lead to better understanding of structures and disease growth patterns. 3D serial section alignment and reconstruction techniques can be used for visualisation of complex histological data samples. Presented are the method and results using a system offering(More)
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