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An active control method is proposed and demonstrated to improve grating-based laser interferometry to achieve low-noise (subpicometer resolution) and multiwavelength unambiguous range of operation simultaneously. The method modifies a recurrent calibration-based path stabilization algorithm to extract high-resolution and low-resolution data in parallel.(More)
Due to titanium’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance, titanium and its alloys have great potential to reduce energy usage in vehicles through a reduction in vehicle mass. The mass of a road vehicle is directly related to its energy consumption through inertial requirements and tire rolling resistance losses. However, when(More)
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is essential to the everyday operations of many manufacturing facilities. CAM software is used to aid in the manufacturing of a part by converting a computer model into instructions for a machine tool. Most frequently, CAM is used to generate G-Code, which is the standard programming language of CNC turning and milling(More)
engineering design processes. Among these models, one of the most widely known is perhaps the one proposed by Pahl and Beitz [42]. It presents a systematic engineering design approach including four core design phases: product planning and clarifying the task, conceptual design, embodiment design, and detail design. Similarly, Ulrich and Eppinger [43](More)
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