Thomas Kunkelmann

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Many o f today's multimedia applications require connden-tial video transmission over the Internet. Appropriate encryption methods require a high computational complexity and are likely to become a performance bottleneck within software-only applications. To reduce the computational encryption eeort, partial video encryption methods have been proposed in(More)
Mobile agents offer a new possibility for the development of applications in distributed systems and are no longer a theoretical issue since different architectures for their implementations have been proposed. With the increasing market of electronic commerce it becomes an interesting aspect to use autonomous mobile agents for electronic business(More)
Security has become one of the most significant problems for spreading new information technology. Beside cryptographic solutions digital watermarking methods offer several protection possibilities. H204M — Watermarking for Media is a joined project at GMD-IPSI (German National Research Center for Information Technology) and the German broadcast(More)
The paradigm of mobile agents offers a powerful and flexible opportunity to develop distributed applications on a high-level of abstraction. One of the most interesting tasks for mobile agents is an active search for relevant information in non-local domains on behalf of their users. A mobile agent will be sent out on behalf of an user to various host(More)
|In this paper we present an approach to design a controller that enables a simulated car to drive autonomously around a race track. The input to the controller is the current speed of the car and several sensor signals indicating the properties of the race track, and as its output the controller is supposed to determine the car's change of direction and(More)